Monday, September 26, 2016

NW Quilt Expo and Book Giveaway

I had a busy weekend which included the  NW Quilting Expo in Portland. My half marathon was very nearby so it was all pretty convenient. 
This cow looking through the window was one of my favorites. My mom and stepdad had a ranch with cows and many of them had to be bottle fed, I understand the looking in the house!! Lol

The quilt maker is Rosemary Burris from Portland. 

Loved this pieced armadillo. 

My son recognized grumpy cat right away. I have no idea what that's about, but it was pretty silly,

I drew a name for Birds in the Air and Janet O of Rogue Quilter blog will be receiving her own copy. Thank you to all who entered and Frances for giving away a copy.

More great photos to come this week!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Front Porch Month 5

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this quilt! Four ladies (including me) are hanging in there. 

Here is my variation of flower vases.

I opted to piece a double sawtooth for the large pieces of floral fabric. My basket handle is really funky!
 Cathy S made a wonderful improvement on the large floral flower. She also opted to make a pieced block in place of the large floral fabric block.
 Good idea to sew them together as you go. I haven't even been trimming mine all down to the correct size.
 Debby D used a fancy piece of French style fabric for the large block. It is so adorable!!
The stripe for the basket is perfect as well!

Add you link! If you are just getting finished with an earlier block and haven't shown it, please add it! Or send me a photo and I'll add it.

Next month:  Block 8 and 8A- the birdhouse, basket and star to the right of it. Again we have a floral block you can choose to do what you want with it. AND we will assemble the bottom section! I'm so excited to start seeing it come together.

I have already in mind a similar quilt for next year!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Birds in the Air- Book Giveaway!

The author of this book, Frances O'Roark Dowell asked if I'd review her book and I said yes, but I'd love to give one away to one of my blog readers and she agreed!
From her website:

"When Emma Byrd moves into the house of her dreams in the small mountain community of Sweet Anne’s Gap, she knows that making friends may prove to be her biggest challenge. Her husband loves his new job and her kids are finding their way at school. But Emma — no natural when it comes to talking to strangers — will have to try a little harder, especially after the sweet, white-haired neighbor she first visits slams the door in her face."

Yikes! If that doesn't suck you right in!! LOL  It was a fun late summer read and I could relate in so many ways!! It was such an enjoyable book! I wish I lived in a town called Sweet Anne's Gap.

If you want Frances to send you your own copy please leave a comment and I'll draw a name on Monday. If you cannot wait to read it, then you can find a copy right HERE on Amazon!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Surprises!

 My son and his girlfriend has been traveling since February and the last I knew he was in Denmark. Then they showed up on Sunday at the house and surprised us!! Again, sewing got pushed to the back burner.
But, before their arrival I was pulling fabric for the final border of my Gwennie Inspired Medallion. All of these has too much brown, not enough gray.

The piece at the top made the cut, but I didn't have enough so I grabbed a piece that was similar and continued with it. I very rarely ever have a problem doing this and like the unexpected in my quilts. My stash is mostly scraps too, so I do this often. The more I do it the easier it gets. What about you? Do you mind making substitutes? Or do you have to find a piece that is large enough?

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Flashback Friday!

This time last year I was in France with my daughter. What a great time we had together! I asked her today where and when shall our next trip be.  I think we decided on Ireland!
Since work has taken my time this week I thought I'd share a few of my favorite memories in photos.
 We spent a fair share of time with food and beverage, just soaking up the scenery and people watching.
 This church was next door to the little apartment we stayed in. The location was amazing!
Who gets to bike through Paris at night?! We do!
 I got to meet lovely women and spend time with them. This shop is Sajou!
 We stayed and ate in postcard villages.
I got to witness amazing art as it was passed down from generation to generation.
And then of course, we saw wonderful quilts at the European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace.

But these were a few antiques that inspired me. Maybe you'll be inspired today , as well!

 Here are some wonderful madders like we will be using in our 2016 quiltalong.

We made a stop in Iceland on our way home.
Did you know running is a great way to see a city?
The best cup of coffee we had on our trip (including all of France!) was in Iceland. The heart sums up this trip perfectly!

And here is my instagram feed this week.

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes! Who knew when I was getting married at 19 where we'd be now!

I appreciate all your comments so much!

Next Friday we will be sharing our Porch Quilt and Monday, October 3rd we will share the finale of our medallion quilt. I better get busy!

Have a wonderful weekend.



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